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Clinicoepidemiological Features and Mortality Analysis of Deceased Patients with COVID-19 in a Tertiary Care Center

Ridhima Bhatia, Kshitija Kulshrestha, Renjith Viswanath, Karthik V Iyer, Sulagna Bhattacharjee, Ajisha Aravindan, Anju Gupta, Arshed Ayub, Shailender Kumar, Kellika Prakash, Debesh Bhoi, Rajesh Malhotra, Randeep Guleria

Keywords : Clinicoepidemiological features, Comorbidities, COVID-19 deceased, ICU, Mortality analysis, Multi-organ dysfunction syndrome

Citation Information : Bhatia R, Kulshrestha K, Viswanath R, Iyer KV, Bhattacharjee S, Aravindan A, Gupta A, Ayub A, Kumar S, Prakash K, Bhoi D, Malhotra R, Guleria R. Clinicoepidemiological Features and Mortality Analysis of Deceased Patients with COVID-19 in a Tertiary Care Center. Indian J Crit Care Med 2021; 25 (6):622-628.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23848

License: CC BY-NC 4.0

Published Online: 01-06-2021

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2021; The Author(s).


Background and objective: A large number of studies describing the clinicoepidemiological features of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) patients are available but very few studies have documented similar features of the deceased. This study was aimed to describe the clinicoepidemiological features and the causes of mortality of COVID-19 deceased patients admitted in a dedicated COVID center in India. Methodology: This was a retrospective study done in adult deceased patients admitted in COVID ICU from April 4 to July 24, 2020. The clinical features, comorbidities, complications, and causes of mortality in these patients were analyzed. Pediatric deceased were analyzed separately. Results: A total of 654 adult patients were admitted in the ICU during the study period and ICU mortality was 37.7% (247/654). Among the adult deceased, 65.9% were males with a median age of 56 years [interquartile range (IQR), 41.5–65] and 94.74% had one or more comorbidities, most common being hypertension (43.3%), diabetes mellitus (34.8%), and chronic kidney disease (20.6%). The most common presenting features in these deceased were fever (75.7%), cough (68.8%), and shortness of breath (67.6%). The mean initial sequential organ failure assessment score was 9.3 ± 4.7 and 24.2% were already intubated at the time of admission. The median duration of hospital stay was 6 days (IQR, 3–11). The most common cause of death was sepsis with multi-organ failure (55.1%) followed by severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) (25.5%). All pediatric deceased had comorbid conditions and the most common cause of death in this group was severe ARDS. Conclusion: In this cohort of adult deceased, most were young males with age less than 65 years with one or more comorbidities, hypertension being the most common. Only 5% of the deceased had no comorbidities. Sepsis with multi-organ dysfunction syndrome was the most common cause of death.

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