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Incidence and outcome of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome in the surgical intensive care unit

Georgene Singh, Nagamani Sen, George Gladdy, Tony Chandy

Keywords : Acute lung injury, acute respiratory distress syndrome, incidence, mortality

Citation Information : Singh G, Sen N, Gladdy G, Chandy T. Incidence and outcome of acute lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome in the surgical intensive care unit. Indian J Crit Care Med 2014; 18 (10):659-665.

DOI: 10.4103/0972-5229.142175

License: CC BY-ND 3.0

Published Online: 01-10-2014

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2014; The Author(s).


Introduction: To determine the incidence and mortality of acute lung injury (ALI) and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) in a cohort of patients with risk factors admitted to the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU). Materials and Methods: A prospective observational inception cohort study with no intervention was conducted over 12 months. All patients with at least one known risk factor for ALI/ARDS admitted to the SICU were included in the study. The APACHE II severity of disease classification system scoring was performed within 1 h of admission. The ventilatory parameters and chest radiographs were recorded every 24 h. The P/F ratio, PEEP and Lung Injury Score were calculated each day until the day of discharge from the Intensive Care Unit or for the first 7 days of admission, whichever was shorter. Results: The incidence of ARDS among those who were mechanically ventilated was 11.4%. Sepsis was the most common (34.6%) etiology. Among those with risk factors, the incidence of ARDS was 30% and that of ALI was 32.7%. The mortality in those with ARDS was 41.8%. Those who develop ARDS had higher APACHE II scores, lower pH and higher PaCO 2 at admission compared with those who developed ALI or no lung injury. Conclusion: The incidence and mortality of ARDS was similar to other studies. Identifying those with risk factors for ARDS or mortality will enable appropriate interventional measures.

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