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2020 | October | Volume 24 | Issue 10


Rakesh Garg

Conscious Proning or Mixed Positioning for Improving Oxygenation—COVID-19 Bring Many Changes!

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:893 - 894]

Keywords: Awake proning, Conscious proning, Hypoxemia, Oxygenation

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23624  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Coronavirus Disease 2019 Treatment: It is Time for Stewardship!

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:895 - 896]

Keywords: Adverse drug reactions, Coronavirus disease 2019, Coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, COVID pneumonia, Emergency department, Pharmacovigilance, Therapeutic option, Trigger tool

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23622  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Subhal B Dixit

Role of Noninvasive Oxygen Therapy Strategies in COVID-19 Patients: Where are We Going?

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:897 - 898]

Keywords: COVID-19, High-flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy, High-flow oxygen therapy, Mask oxygen, Non-Invasive Ventilation, NIV: Noninvasive mechanical ventilation, Oxygen

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23625  |  Open Access |  How to cite



John Victor Peter

Approach to the Control of Antimicrobial Resistance: Are We Missing the Plot?

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:899 - 900]

Keywords: Antibiotic stewardship, Antimicrobial resistance, Cost

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23626  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Rajeev Soman, Rakshitha Eashwernath

Bacteremia due to Streptococcus gallolyticus: A Name with an Ominous Significance?

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:901 - 902]

Keywords: Bacteremia, Endocarditis, Streptococcus gallolyticus

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23623  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Saptharishi Lalgudi Ganesan, Narayanan Parameswaran

Composite Outcomes for Clinical Trials in Critical Care: The Devil is in the Detail

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:903 - 904]

Keywords: Acute respiratory distress syndrome, Clinical trials, Composite outcome measures, Ventilator free days

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23641  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Mariya P Jiandani, Bela Agarwal, Gaurang Baxi, Sudeep Kale, Titiksha Pol, Anjali Bhise, Unnati Pandit, Jaimala V Shetye, Abhijit Diwate, Umanjali Damke, Savita Ravindra, Prajakta Patil, Raziya M Nagarwala, Pratibha Gaikwad, Shabnam Agarwal, Kushal Madan, Prasobh Jacob, Praveen J Surendran, Narasimman Swaminathan

Evidence-Based National Consensus: Recommendations for Physiotherapy Management in COVID-19 in Acute Care Indian Setup

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:9] [Pages No:905 - 913]

Keywords: Chest physiotherapy, Coronavirus, COVID-19, Early mobilization, Physiotherapy, Rehabilitation

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23564  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Prabhanjan Singh, Prerana Jain, Himanshu Deewan

Awake Prone Positioning in COVID-19 Patients

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:5] [Pages No:914 - 918]

Keywords: Awake prone position, Coronavirus, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23546  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Hunasaghatta Chandrappa Deepa, Vedaghosh Amara

A Multicenter Questionnaire-Based Study to Know the Awareness and Medical Treatment Plan of Physicians Involved in the Management of COVID-19 Patients

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:7] [Pages No:919 - 925]

Keywords: Coronavirus disease 2019, Cytokine storm, Hydroxychloroquine, Medical management, Remdesivir

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23567  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Ashwin Subramaniam, Jumana Y Haji, Kollengode Ramanathan, Arvind Rajamani

Non-invasive Oxygen Strategies to Manage Confirmed COVID-19 Patients in Indian Intensive Care Units: A Survey

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:6] [Pages No:926 - 931]

Keywords: Conservative oxygen therapy, COVID-19, High flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy, Hypoxemia, Indian intensive care unit, Low flow nasal oxygen, NIV: Noninvasive mechanical ventilation, SARS-COV-2

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23640  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Viswesvaran Balasubramanian, Jagdish C Suri, Pranav Ish, Debasis Behera, Pankaj Gupta, Shibdas Chakrabarti

Neurocognitive and Quality-of-Life Outcomes Following Intensive Care Admission: A Prospective 6-Month Follow-Up Study

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:6] [Pages No:932 - 937]

Keywords: Neurocognitive impairment, Post intensive care, Quality of life

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23576  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Sheikh Nurul Iqbal

Study of Antimicrobial Utilization and Cost of Therapy in Medicine Intensive Care Unit of a Tertiary Care Hospital in Eastern India

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:5] [Pages No:938 - 942]

Keywords: Antibiotics, Cost analysis, Drug utilization study, Multidrug resistant

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23552  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

George A Palakunnath

Streptococcus gallolyticus Bacteremia: Experience from a Tertiary Center in South India

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:3] [Pages No:943 - 945]

Keywords: Bacteremia, Endocarditis, Streptococcus bovis, Streptococcus gallolyticus

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23569  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Pattraporn Tajarernmuang, Peter Dodek, Daren K Heyland, Panida Chanayat, Juthamas Inchai, Chaicharn Pothirat, Chalerm Liwsrisakun, Chaiwat Bumroongkit, Athavuth Deesomchok, Theerakorn Theerakittikul, Atikun Limsukon

Validity and Reliability of a Thai Version of Family Satisfaction with Care in the Intensive Care Unit Survey

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:9] [Pages No:946 - 954]

Keywords: Critical care, Family satisfaction, Intensive care unit, Quality care

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23559  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Original Article

Fereshte Biyabanaki, Mansour Arab, Mahlagha Dehghan

Iranian Nurses Perception and Practices for Delirium Assessment in Intensive Care Units

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:5] [Pages No:955 - 959]

Keywords: Assessment, Barriers, Delirium, Intensive care unit, Nurses, Perception, Practices

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23502  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Pediatric Critical Care

Arun K Baranwal, Praveen Kumar-M, Pramod K Gupta

Comparison of Ventilator-Free Days at 14 and 28 days as a Clinical Trial Outcome in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:7] [Pages No:960 - 966]

Keywords: Children, Clinical trials, Composite outcome measures, Intensive care, Low- and middle-income countries, Ventilator-free days

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23568  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Covid 19 Review

Mohana Nitsure, Bhakti Sarangi, Guruprasad H Shankar, Venkat S Reddy, Ajay Walimbe, Varsha Sharma

Mechanisms of Hypoxia in COVID-19 Patients: A Pathophysiologic Reflection

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:4] [Pages No:967 - 970]

Keywords: Acute respiratory distress syndrome, COVID-19, Hypoxemia, Intra-pulmonary arteriovenous anastomoses

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23547  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Covid 19 Review

Munish Kapila, Ritu Pankaj

Medicine and Law in the Times of COVID-19 Pandemic: Understanding the Interphase

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:4] [Pages No:971 - 974]

Keywords: COVID-19, Legal issues, Medical profession

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23553  |  Open Access |  How to cite


Covid 19 Review

Atul Prabhakar Kulkarni, Harsh Sapra, Gaurav Kakkar, Rahul Gupta, Atma Ram Bansal, Arun Garg, Santosh Kumar Dash, Anil Gurnani, Azizullah Khan, Khalid Ismail Khatib, Pandurang Reddy Mare

Pathophysiological Mechanisms and Neurological Manifestations in COVID-19

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:6] [Pages No:975 - 980]

Keywords: Anosmia, Central nervous system, Coronavirus disease 2019, Encephalopathy, Headache, Stroke

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23592  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Modified Negative Airflow Aerosol Prevention Box for COVID-19 Patients

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:981 - 982]

Keywords: Aerosol-generating medical procedures, COVID-19 in India, Emergency medical services, Endotracheal intubation

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23633  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Abhaykumar B Dheeraj, Sandeep K Giri, Bedanta Sarma

Doctrine of Novus Actus Interveniens Not Always a Defense: Analysis of a Case

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:3] [Pages No:983 - 985]

Keywords: Causal chain, Medical negligence, Novus actus interveniens

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23634  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Supriya Sampley, Vinay Sakhuja, Deepak Bhasin, Harpal Singh

Plasmapheresis for Pulmonary Hemorrhage Following Viperine Snakebite: Case Report with Review of Literature

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:5] [Pages No:986 - 990]

Keywords: Acute kidney injury, Plasmapheresis, Pulmonary hemorrhage, Viper bite

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23635  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Subhash Kumar, Binod K Pati, Chandramani Singh, Asim Sarfraz

Acute Necrotizing Encephalitis as a Probable Association of COVID-19

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:4] [Pages No:991 - 994]

Keywords: Acute necrotizing encephalitis, Altered sensorium, Computed tomography, COVID case report, Coronavirus disease 2019 in India, Encephalopathy, Magnetic resonance imaging

PDF  |  Abstract  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23636  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Mahul Gorecha, Anitha Menon, Emily Woodford, Shuker Yahia, Kalimuthu Marimuthu

Early Serratus Plane Block for Rib Fracture Management Could Avoid Intensive Care Unit Admission

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:1] [Pages No:995 - 995]

Keywords: Intensive care unit, Regional anesthesia, Serratus plane block

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23631  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Kalaimaran Sadasivam

A Survey of Humidified High-flow Nasal Cannula Usage in Indian Pediatric Intensive Care Units

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:3] [Pages No:996 - 998]

Keywords: Humidified high-flow nasal cannula, Pediatric intensive care, Respiratory support, Ventilation

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23628  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Benhur J Shadrach, Deepak Tiwari, Shiv S Shahi, Rishabh Goel

Postpartum Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema: The Initial Presentation of an Underlying Rheumatic Heart Disease

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:999 - 1000]

Keywords: Doppler echocardiography, Postpartum, Pulmonary edema, Rheumatic heart disease

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23629  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Adil Asghar

Prolonged Use of Supraglottic Airway Device for Mechanical Ventilation in the Intensive Care Unit

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:1001 - 1002]

Keywords: Airway, Airway management, Difficult airway, Fibreoptic bronchoscopy, Hemodynamic indices, Mechanical ventilation, Supraglottic airway devices

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23630  |  Open Access |  How to cite



Ana C Fiorini, Carla A Scorza

Brain–Heart Interactions are More Diverse than Anticipated

[Year:2020] [Month:October] [Volume:24] [Number:10] [Pages:2] [Pages No:1003 - 1004]

Keywords: Arrhythmias, Autonomic nervous system, Brain–heart interactions, Cardiac, Central nervous system, Heart failure, Myocardium

PDF  |  DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10071-23632  |  Open Access |  How to cite


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